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The ST COM company

ST COM Company Ltd. delivers complete technology solutions in the mechanical production. Dealing with the import and sale of CNC machine tools and production lathes PLC.
ST COM s.r.o. is representative of several Taiwanese manufacturers of machine tools and for imported machine tools offers installation, warranty and post-warranty service, staff training and programming (turning, milling), retraining courses, arranges financing for machinery and mainly deals with all problems in engineering. Among the new services offered was ranked a new service of Monitoring tools which is mainly used to increase production efficiency.

Quality control

Compliance with international standards for the company long-term goal, which was possible thanks to the hard work to achieve. To meet these standards, implementing stringent control procedures that are implemented in all stages of the production process. These procedures help to ensure the highest quality throughout the production process.

Contact Information

ST COM s. r. o.

Křtinská 617/3

149 00 Praha 4 - Háje


+420 774 553 553

+420 602 730 434

+420 607 589 834








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